From 1976 to the present day...

Setaş Inc., one of the leading chipboard and plywood manufacturers in the forest products sector, started its operations on August 1, 1976, in the Simav district of Kütahya, with the inauguration ribbon cut by the then Prime Minister Süleyman Demirel. The contributions of the entire Simav community were of great significance alongside the publicly traded company Setaş in the establishment of the factory.

For many years, the factory produced domestic chipboard and plywood in European standards, contributing as a complementary product to the development of the furniture and construction sectors in Turkey and served the industry for many years.

With the entry of advancing technologies and the opening of new high-capacity factories into the market, the decision was made to temporarily halt chipboard activities.

On February 1, 2020, Koyuncuoğlu Group of Companies took over the factory through leasing from "Setaş Inc.," with 80% of its shares belonging to the Koyuncuoğlu family. In addition to undertaking the maintenance and repairs of the existing machinery, Koyuncuoğlu Group of Companies added many domestic and foreign machinery and equipment to the factory, introducing the domestic and national SETTIMBER brand to our country in the production of TIMBER, the favorite product of today's market, in line with European standards. 

SETTIMBER continues to collaborate with pioneers in this sector such as Kadant, Dieffenbacher, Steinman, and many domestic and foreign machinery manufacturers.


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